Heart Combo Hairstyle

Hi guys welcome to our blog my blog for those who don’t know us my name is Kerry.

And this is my daughter Graycie hi everyone this blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyles. So if this is your first time here who would love for you to comment.

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And if you’re already a commentr we thank you. So much for supporting us visitorial is inspired by Mina stock. And I leave all her information in the description box below this style will take about five to seven minutes depending on a length of hair.

And a texture. So let’s get to it, I applied some dry texture spray just to give that extra grip anything, I mentioned in this post we will link in the description box below you’re gonna go up here right where the forehead is here. And on the other side.

And she’s going to take your fingers. And run it down into an angle like this not like this okay when you secure it off just turn it up right here at the back of our head okay. So now you’re just gonna loosen this up a little bit.

And bring this up, I’m just gonna give it some volume okay. So your next step is to take this ponytail. And make a hole right here in the middle.

And bring the ponytail underneath. And into that hole. And then you’re gonna go.

And split this in half. And then you’re going to create your arch for your heart. And you’re gonna create that heart shape secure it all for the last band once you are satisfied with a heart-shaped sit your upcam right here.

And Henry chair. And pin right here. And pin on the other side.

So now that you’ve got that done you can scoop up some hair. And split it in half secure this off an elastic band. So now you’re gonna take this hold onto the elastic band just pull it just a little bit on each side okay.

So you’re gonna pick up this ponytail here hold it with your thumb. And then your with your two fingers grab a section of the back of this hair with the ponytail. And split it in half once you split it in half you’re gonna bring it forward bringing this ponytail it’s on the back.

And then you’re going to stir it off hold onto the ponytail here span the sections out of there on each side now you don’t have to add any more hair in the back. So now that you have your two ponytails you’re just going to go ahead. And do the pull-through braid which is splitting the back of this ponytail in half bring it forward putting an elastic band pick this out you just don’t continue all the way down.

I’m just kind of secure these two plant cells right here off. And then just go back. And expand out my grades put a little hairspray.

And there you have it final spin thank you guys. So much for reading we hope you find value at this tutorial if there’s a SATA that you’d like us to recreate leave a comment down below. And don’t forget to give us a thumbs up.

And click the logo below. So you go to any of our upcoming tutorials you check out more of our posts click on over there. And there you love you guys until next time learn it do it.

And teach each other’s but, I spy.

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