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The winner within

A winning attitude cannot be forced from the outside. It must come from within you. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn to use the alpha level so you can convert your subconscious into an inner conscious level that you can use to change your attitudes, beliefs and performance.

You’ve been “psyched up” before. But do you know how to do it reliably, any time you desire? Superstars do. They are usually the “naturals” at functioning at the alpha level, so that they are able to achieve maximum performance on demand.

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Now, with the Exercise workout and fitness techniques, you have a way to prepare yourself for maximum performance. In this Exercise, you are going to read testimonials from people who have done just that, for a wide variety of competitive events. And then you will learn Workout and Fitness workout and fitness techniques for programming yourself to win during your training and practice sessions.

Italian martial arts champion reveals her training secrets

Vidheya (Giuseppina Del Vicario) used the Exercise workout and fitness techniques to help her become the Italian national champion in tai chi chuan, a title she held for three years until she retired undefeated in 1992. She was the overall champion not the women’s champion. She was one of the few women who competed against both men and women.

Vidheya holds a fifth degree black belt in tai chi chuan and a fourth degree black belt in shao lin chuan, the only woman with such degrees. She holds one of the highest rankings in all of Italy. She was the only woman in competition in shao lin chuan and rose to a very high position in that sport, as well.

To watch her perform is to admire a work of art. She weighs less than 100 pounds. When she is not competing she has a buoyant personality and frequently flashes a beautiful smile.

But when she performs, she is transformed into something else. Her face takes on a frightening seriousness, a reflection of her total concentration and focus.

The exquisite movements of her body are in stark contrast to the intensity of her expression. Her balance, her flexibility and her graceful athletic movements all combine to create a masterpiece.

“You must love what you are doing,” she says with a characteristic simplicity and clarity of thought. “Otherwise you will not have enough desire, belief and expectancy to continue.”

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