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A library of successes

“My greatest success story using a Exercise workout and fitness technique,” Schneider recalled, “involves a workout and fitness technique that I have used time and time again. I simply go to level during a pressure situation and visualize a previous success. I have a library’ of successes that I make withdrawals’ from when I need them”

Schneider was playing softball in a World Series qualifier tournament when he found himself at bat in the bottom of the last inning. His team was down two runs and had two runners on base, with two outs. “This is the ultimate pressure situation,” he said.

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“If I swung and missed, we were out of the tournament!”

But he had practiced going to level so much that he was able to get to his level, even during this pressure situation. “I took a deep breath, relaxed my body, defocused my vision for a moment and recalled the feeling of being at my level,” he said. “Then I visualized my previous best success. I had been up three times already that game and hit two home runs and a single. So far, I was the hero of the game.

“I had been in a similar situation and came through with a hit. I coupled this memory with the success I had already had in the game and was able to feel a great deal of power.

“I always try to get my feelings involved,” he said. “This time the feeling was so strong that I knew I would succeed… and I did!” Schneider’s teammates carried him off on their shoulders after he hit his home run.

“It was an incredible experience. This, then, became my point of reference’ whenever I need to recall what it feels like to be successful. I can recall the sights, sounds, feel and even the smell!

“Now, before any pressure situation, I imagine that I have just accomplished my feat again, and it almost always leads to another success. The key, of course, is being able to do this at the alpha level.

Practice your mental training just as much as you do your physical training, so that you can do it easily and automatically even in high-pressure situations.”

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