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Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do these beautiful soft small waves these used to be my favourite waves when, I was a small girl when, I was about eight to ten or twelve, I would always always do this on my hair I’d asked my mom to do these small braids on my hair.

So, I would get really nice small waves now, I found a much easier way to do the same waves that doesn’t take as much time and doesn’t require your mom to do your hair. So I’m going to show you how to do it it’s super quick super simple but gives you really beautiful ways that, I think are perfect to wear especially in the summer. So let’s begin I’m going to quickly walk you through what we’re going to need for this hairstyle and number one we’re going to need just the sectioning brush or comb as you may call it we’re going to need a regular brush to brush the hair some hairspray we’re gonna need some h2o.

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So just the bottle that can spray and just fill it up with regular water one more thing we’re gonna need little here elastics the first step is completely optional, I prefer to wear my hair in the middle when, I have these waves because, I think it just looks prettier it just gives it a different effect but it’s completely optional what I’m gonna do first is I’m gonna go in with my sectioning comb just going to go right in the middle of my head draw a straight line that’s how usually, I do it or, I usually also go with my fingers and just do it more roughly. So just section it until you’re happy now that, I split my hair in the middle I’m gonna quickly brush my hair just to make sure there are no tangles don’t worry my lucky hair extensions today just because when, I have my extensions and, I do these waves it’s just a completely different effect that’s more like a mermaid hair also if you wear hair extensions like myself you don’t need to break your extensions separately you can just clip them in and then do the braids that’s what I’m going to show you today or if you don’t wear extensions you can just do this on the hair it’s exactly the same process whether you wear extensions or not now that, I brushed my hair. I’ve split the hair in two equal sections the left and right I’m gonna do two braids before, I start braiding I’m gonna take my water and I’m gonna dampen the hair there’s other ways you can do this if you came out of the shower and you here is sort of more on the dry side you don’t want it to be damp that’s not gonna work either you don’t want it to be too dry.

So it’s kind of like more on the dry side but still a bit them my hair is already dry cuz, I washed it hours ago. So I’m just gonna go back with my water spray and just spray it all over and I’m not gonna spray the top of my hair because that would create frizz. So I’m gonna start spraying the water exactly where, I will be braiding it I’m just gonna spray it all the way to the bottom making sure that the hair is them but not too wet and then I’m also gonna go in with my hair spray this is very important step because the hairspray will make sure the braids actually hold and it’s gonna also add the shine once we take the braids out I’m gonna go in to my hair and also from top to the bottom spray my hair with a hair spray I’m sure you can see in the camera right now how my hair has a bit of dampness to it but it’s not soaking wet either.

So, I think at this point I’m pretty happy maybe I’ll add just a little bit more on the ends of my hair again you just kind of have to feel it with your hands it still has to have quite a bit of dampness to it otherwise the braids won’t fixate properly, I think now I’m pretty happy. So I’m just gonna go in here split the hair in three sections and I’m gonna start braiding and I’m gonna be braiding really really tight and I’ll show you exactly what, I mean by that after each section..

So I’ve graded this first section I’m gonna push it like you see what, I just did I’d push it up and then, I braid again and, I push it up and, I braid again and, I push it out this really creates a really tight braid when I’m going to take out the braid it’s actually fixates every single section of the braid making the crimp of the wave much more defined. So make sure that when you’re braiding after every section you push it up just like that. So it’s a really really tight braid and we’re going to braid this all the way to the bottom.

So after each section I’m pushing the braid up and then when, I get to the bottom I’m just going to secure the ends with a hair elastic and the first braid is done sometimes I’ll go back in the braid and I’ll just add a bit of more moisture just spray it with water a little more and then I’m going to go in with my hairspray and just add a bit more hairspray as well now onto my right side same thing quickly going to give it a brush and then I’m gonna start with the water first spray it all over top to the bottom make sure to get the insides of the hair as well lift the hair and evenly spray it with water and then hairspray and now I’m going to start braiding on my right side. So again I’m going to split the hair in three equal sections I’m going to do a really really really tight braid make sure after each section to push the hair up. So braid and push and I’m just gonna secure the ends now and then spray it the braid again with the water just to make sure, I got it everywhere this will really help the braid stay in place and form the waves and then hairspray as well now once you’ve done the braid you have three options option number one is if you do this at night you can go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up and you open the braids you’re gonna have beautiful waves option number two is if you’re at home and you don’t have to go somewhere with them the next half an hour to an hour you can just you know read a book do some work to some emails, I don’t know hang out on Facebook or Instagram or maybe clean the house and then while you do that your hair it’s gonna dry that’s usually what, I do, I personally don’t like to sleep with my hair in braids, I just don’t feel comfortable and option number three what I’m gonna do today cuz I’m quite short on time and have to be in the office in 30 minutes I’m gonna use a blow dryer to quickly dry these you know I’m just gonna use a cold setting or just maybe a bit warm setting it’s gonna take five to ten minutes it’s almost like when you go to a hairstylist and they make you sit under those things, I forget what they’re cold like a hitting flam thingy, I think you know what, I mean.

So it’s kind of creating the same effect at home. So it’s just using the blow dryer on a low setting and quickly drying these until you make sure they’re dry that’s really that’s gonna take like ten minutes as opposed to waiting an hour for it to completely dry. So I’m just gonna quickly dry it and then show you the results it’s been five to ten minutes and now, I feel the braids are dry how do you know if the braids are dry you’ll have to just squeeze them with your hands and see if any moisture comes out at this point they feel pretty dry to me what I’m gonna do now is just go to the braids release the elastics slowly unravel the braids and start untying the braid as you will see at this point the hair is already nicely crimped it’s nice and soft and effortless now the trick here is not to brush the hair you just want to slowly go in with your hands and just open them up but you do not want to brush them up.

So this way it looks very effortless very natural all with it is just one braid when, I was small my mom used to do braids all over the head would do maybe 20-30 braids it would take hours well maybe not hours but it will take at least an hour but this way we just need one nice braid just to get this nice results now I’m gonna do the same thing on my left side beautiful. So fast. So easy.

So effortless and no mom required that’s all for today’s hair tutorial make sure to recreate it and post it on your Instagram of a life a hair hashtag, I would love to see your recreations of these beautiful soft waves I’m gonna post the pictures of this hairstyle on our new hairstyle blog I’m gonna link it down below in the info box. So make sure to check it out because every time I’ll be doing a hairstyle I’ll be posting pictures there as well I’m also going to be doing different hair products to reviews on the blog and a lot of other exciting things. So make sure to check out our new post thank you.

So much for tuning in and let me know how you like this hairstyle down below make sure to like it and comment for more hair tutorials, I love you guys and I’ll see you next week bye used to be my favorite waste waste why can’t, I talk today.

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