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Hi today’s hair tutorial is going to be on how to create this beautiful heat free waves that by using actually just paper towels. So, I call them the paper towel waves they look beautiful effortless sort of like beachy waves and it’s really easy to recreate them all you’re gonna need is paper towels and some hair elastics.

So let’s begin alright. So now let’s quickly go through all the tools you’re going to need to create these paper towel curls and that’s gonna be obviously paper towel roll and you want to use something that’s stronger some of them are quite weak and will completely dissolve if you put water on them. So you just want to make sure to get something that’s a bit more durable that’s number one you’re going to need a hair brush you’re going to need some hairspray and also you’re gonna need a bottle that you’re gonna fill with h2o water and also one more thing one more thing we’re gonna need some hair elastics.

So you just need a few of those as well and let’s begin now the first thing I’m gonna do is get my paper towel roll and just going to tell you a funny story about this a few days ago, I was talking to a friend and she asked me what hair tutorials I’ll be doing this week. So, I told her I’m gonna be doing him bunny hair tutorial and also paper towel curls and she’s like oh that’s cool. So we’re saying goodbye to each other that day and she’s like good luck on the toilet paper curls and I’m like why it’s all toilet paper girls with paper towel anyways, I thought it was really funny.

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So yeah we’re gonna grab the paper towel and what we’re gonna do is take three sections and, I know it sounds a bit wasteful but, I promise you I’m gonna use these later in anything that would need paper towel now once, I have the paper towel what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually start folding it horizontally. So this way now once you’ve folded it you should have something like this. So once you fold it the whole thing what you’re gonna do is again fold it in half and then the next step is we’re gonna section the hair.

So let’s move on to the hair and I’m only going to be doing four sections and that’s why these ways are actually super easy. So I’ll be working with my left first and I’m not gonna curl my bangs. So I’m just gonna let them be I’m gonna separate this section into two sections and I’ll start with the back probably and the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna spray it with some water just gonna spray it all over or sometimes what, I do, I spray it in my hand and then, I just run my hand over that section and you want me here to feel them not too wet and you just want to make sure that’s not dry either because if it’s dry it’s not gonna you know the waveone really hold what should, I do with this section we’ll make a scarf doesn’t really work like it we’ll push it back in the meantime I’m just gonna apply and reapply water until, I feel like it’s enough.

So you just want the feeling of dampness but you don’t want it to be completely soaked either okay. So at this point, I think I’m just gonna go in and add some hairspray and I’m adding hairspray. So that it actually holds the weight you can skip this part if you want to but if you add the hairspray it’s definitely gonna hold the waves for longer alright.

So, I think it’s perfectly damped now the next step I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab my paper towel and I’m gonna go over this section. So I’m gonna have kind of like three sections. So let’s go like that.

So I’m just gonna put the paper towel over the hair and then what I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab this section of hair and I’m gonna create a figure eight braid. So pretty much what I’ll be doing I’m gonna wrap this section around one side of the paper towel bring it in the middle and then wrap it around the other side of the paper towel and then just bringing the section over. So we’re just going over the paper towel bringing this section back over the other side and do that all the way down until you run out of hair now when you get to the bottom what you’re gonna do is grab a hair elastic and just secure the paper towel and the hair in place now I’m going to grab the second section and do the exact same thing here just gonna wet it first just put more on my hand and then put some hairspray and then when it’s done I’m gonna grab my paper towel put it over this section and start doing the figure eight braid as well.

So again I’ll be taking my section bringing it over the paper towel in the middle and then wrap it around the other section and continue this all the way down and one thing you want to make sure that’s why, I looked at myself to look now is that the paper towels have to be ending kind of where the hair ends it’s basically like doing a braid with paper towels and when, I reach the bottom I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna grab it here elastic and just secure everything in place voila and now I’ll be going to my right section and doing the exact same thing. So I’ll be working with two sections and I’m just gonna speed it all up now that, I have all the sections braided there’s a few options option number one is to go to sleep and wake up with waves that’s an easy option if you don’t want a hassle or if you don’t want to wait for it to dry option number two you just get ready or you cook or clean the house do whatever you need to do if you have a couple of hours to wait then you can wait for your hair to dry because, I think it’s gonna take at least an hour to – for it to completely dry especially if you have thicker hair and option number three is the easiest option is the one I’m gonna be using today because, I have to go somewhere I’m just going to be using a blow-dryer on warm setting and I’m gonna quickly dry this make sure not to use hot setting because you don’t want to set yourself on fire now I’m going to quickly dry my hair and then show you the ways. I’ve dragged my hair for about 10 minutes with the blow-dryer and now, I can feel that it’s dry.

So it’s time to take the paper towels out. I’m So excited to show you guys oh one more thing, I wanted to mention is like it’s really cool actually because the paper towels take the moisture in it actually helps with the process of drying. So it will take you less than let’s say if you use a piece of fabric to do this.

So, I would definitely recommend to use paper towels as opposed to some old fabric or a rag all right. So what I’m gonna do now is go into this elastic pull it out and then just unravel my hair and you will see it’s a nice wave that is created by this method super cool ok. So I’m going to go in to the next section and do the same thing now I’m just going to take all of them out and show you what, I have.

So it’s a really nice wave and the same thing on the right side now that I’m done taking out all the paper towels what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go with my hair wax and I’m just going to add a little more texture to my hair and the extensions. So I’m just gonna put it into my palms rub them and then just go into the hair and scrunch it this just adds more definition to the waves and then I’m gonna do the same thing on the other side. So it’s really nice beachy waves alright.

So once you’ve scrunch the hair you’ve pretty much done you can go ahead and add hairspray, I personally been trying to use the less hairspray and less product in my hair and, I know I’m saying this now after, I put like a whole bunch of wax in my hair but, I think this hairstyle can definitely hold with just a bit of hair wax or hair pomade there’s no really reason to put hair spray unless you’re gonna go dancing or doing something fun where you’re gonna be shaking in here a lot. So yeah that’s pretty much done, I really love this hairstyle it just takes ten minutes if you’re gonna use bow dryer or you can do this overnight in any case it’s beautiful its heat free and it looks really really nice and effortless now when you recreate these paper-towel always make sure to post your picture on instagram alexa hair hashtag i’d love to see how you here it turns out thank you. So much for tuning in i love you guys and I’ll see you next week lots of kisses bye.

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