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YouTuber and Expresso reporter Moyin Oloruntoba, 26, on being a self-starter, growing up in Lesotho, and what’s in her handbag

I was born in Nigeria, but I grew up in Lesotho.

Even though I lived in the ‘Mountain Kingdom’ I went to school in Ladybrand in the Free State. The school run across the border was so normal for my sisters and me – we used to carpool with lots of other families in the area and if anyone forgot their passport – which happened surprisingly often – all of us would be late for class!

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I suspect people would be surprised to know that I was really good at shot-put at school.

I even competed in national athletics competitions every year. From netball to volleyball, I played every sport I could, but my parents got tired of schlepping me to so many sporting events that they insisted I choose one. I settled on athletics because it gave me a chance to do more than just one activity.

While on a family holiday, I fell in love with Cape Town and decided then and there that I’d be back.

At the end of matric I packed my bags and went to study marketing at Varsity College in Rondebosch. I’ve lived in Cape Town for nine years and I still have days where I stop my car to really appreciate the city’s beauty. I love that it’s cosmopolitan and the sun sets so late in summer.

My YouTube channel, The A1, celebrated its second birthday this year.

I have always loved the entertainment industry and I even went to a couple of presenting auditions at university but I never landed a role. Not letting this get me down, I decided to host my own YouTube channel in 2015 – where I would present and produce African entertainment stories. I also figured it would help me hone my craft as a content creator. Soon enough the views started to roll in and 1 000 became 5 000 and then 100 000. Today, my channel has had over 1,5 million views and has nearly 7 000 subscribers.

My mom is an inspiration to me.

She’s an entrepreneur who started a computer company in Lesotho. It’s because of her encouragement that I started Moze Media, a content creation and brand management company, in 2014.

To celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday this year, I convinced her to go on a family trip to London, rather than throwing a big party.

We spent time touring the city – taking photos of Big Ben and riding the double-decker buses. It’s such a fascinating place.


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