Help for Oily Skin

Oily skin is not an easy problem to deal with.

Apart from the clogged pores and acne, your skin’s excessive sebum production can also make it hard for you to apply your makeup and keep it in place. You can look awkwardly greasy and shiny, especially without the right application techniques.

And not just that. If you use the wrong product, it can easily cause mayhem on your skin.

To avoid these things, you shouldn’t completely rely on makeup to solve the issue. Even the best bb cream for acne or oily skin will not work for you if you don’t take proper care of your skin.

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You see, the things you apply on your skin counts a lot. You have to pick the right products with the right ingredients and right formula to ensure that your skin won’t break out.

For your skin type, it’s a good idea to stick with oil-free products. Pick one that’s non-comedogenic, too, as clogged pores are common culprits behind skin breakouts.

Skip the fragrance as well. Although it can make your skin smell nice, fragrance is actually a known irritant.

The best products for oily skin should be lightweight and non-greasy. Anything that’s heavy or occlusive can inevitably lead to acne.

Now that we got those things away, here’s an infographic to show you exactly how you should be using your skin care products to get rid of acne.

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