Hemorrhoid Balm Homemade

A soothing and astringent balm. Apply after wiping a bowel movement and as needed.

1 oz. yarrow-infused olive oil 1/2 oz. Shea butter

1 oz. yellow dock root-infused olive 1 oz. beeswax

oil 20 drops thuja essential oil

1 oz. plantain-infused olive oil (see Plantain Coconut Balm 86)

Make herbal-infused oils and then follow Directions for Salves and Balms. Makes 4 1/2 oz.

Note: To make yarrow-infused olive oil, use 2 oz. of yarrow flowering tops, freshly dried and coarsely ground, and 10 oz. of cold pressed olive oil. Then follow Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Dried Herbs. Yields about 7 oz. of oil. Or you can use fresh yarrow flowering tops and follow Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Fresh Herbs.

To make yellow dock root-infused olive oil, use 3 oz. of yellow dock root, freshly dried and coarsely ground, and 12 oz. of olive oil. Then proceed to Directions for Herbal-infused Oil with Dried Herbs. Yields about 8 oz. of oil.


Basic Nipple Emollient. The experience of breast-feeding a new baby, though one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences of motherhood, can also lead to painful, dry, cracked nipples. Between nursings it can be very soothing and healing to apply an emollient oil or formula to the nipples. Use rich carrier oils like jojoba, olive, coconut or shea butter, or choose one of the following formulas. Gently massage the oil or formula into your nipples, ending with a thick application after each nursing. Note that you should not apply these oils when it is near your baby’s nursing time.

Throughout the blog you will find various oils, creams and balms that are appropriate for massaging into your nipples. Some excellent ones are the -Purpose Salve (see formula 103), Plantain Coconut Balm (see formula 86) and Creamy Belly Balm (see formula 124). If you are experiencing a lot of pain and inflammation, you may want to try the Relaxation Salve (see formula pp. 92-93). When using a product that contains essential oils, please be sure to gently wash off your nipples prior to nursing to prevent the baby from ingesting these oils. The essential oils are excellent for healing cracked, sore nipples, but not good for babies to ingest.

Comfrey Salve (Loose Version)

This salve is the one most widely used for sore, cracked nipples. Note that this formula uses a l-to-4 beeswax-to-oil ratio to produce a very loose salve, which minimizes friction during application. You may want to make this salve in large quantities, as it is useful for so many other situations.

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