Hemorrhoid Helpers Homemade

Witch Hazel. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common discomforts that can occur during pregnancy and after childbirth. Witch hazel tincture (see following formula) or distilled witch hazel extract, ZL which can be purchased at a pharmacy, can be used to wipe the anal opening throughout the day and especially after every bowel movement to help shrink hemorrhoids and reduce the associated pain, itchiness and inflammation. Moisten a piece of cotton flannel, a cotton ball or a paper towel with diluted witch hazel tincture or distilled witch hazel extract. Gently place this directly on the anus and allow it to remain there for 20 minutes.

Witch Hazel Tincture

Witch hazel green twig and leaf 190 proof grain alcohol (preferred) or harvested in early spring 100 proof vodka

Harvest the new green growth of twigs and leaves in early spring and follow procedure for tincturing with fresh herbs. When using this tincture for hemorrhoid application, you may want to dilute it by half with water; otherwise it may sting too much from all the alcohol. Witch hazel tincture contains tannins and other chemical components which make it more astringent and effective than distilled pharmacy-bought witch hazel.

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