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Canterbury based solo act releases five track EP

‘Henry Sparks plays guitar, sings and is looking for gigs,’ Kent Folk. I googled Henry and found some live footage of him on YouTube. Playing a very nice looking Atkin acoustic guitar, he has an earnest performing style that is solid rather than spectacular.

Henry’s EP is nicely put together. The recording sounds fine, while the smattering of backing musicians add a degree of professionalism to proceedings. I like the sound of Catriona’s Bryce’s cello on the hymnal While We Were Building Jerusalem.

So Like A Child has a similar ecological theme to Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi; the loss of nature, and innocence, to ‘progress.’ The Cowboy Song, sounds like a novelty number with its steel playing and lyric; ‘I am the lonesome cowboy on the prairie of your heart.’

Henry fares better on closer, Migrant. This is a topical, timely observation on the plight of people fleeing their homes in the hope of a brighter future.

Mr Sparks has some good ideas here, but his vocals, and general delivery, lack the necessary passion to make more of a connection with his audience. John Brindle www.henrysparksmusic.co.uk

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