Herbal Blend Sitz Bath for Perineal Tears Homemade

This blend contains antimicrobial and cell-proliferative herbs that help heal and soothe tears and irritations.

1 handful freshly dried yarrow 1 handful dried comfrey root

1 handful dried calendula blossoms 64 oz. water

1 handful dried comfrey leaves

Make herbal infusion with herbs and water. Warm infusion and add to the sitz bath, sit in the bath for 20 minutes and repeat 1 or 2 times daily. You don’t have to strain the herbs out of the infusion if you can discard the sitz bath liquid into the earth or compost pile so your drains will not be clogged. Makes enough for 1 sitz bath.

Herbal Blend Sitz Bath for Perineal Tears Homemade Photo Gallery

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