Herbal Body Care Baskets

These make wonderful and useful gifts that delight most recipients. Your friends or family members will feel truly cared for when you give them a personalized basket of body care products that you have made yourself. A gift basket also encourages the recipient to take the time to indulge iisimple yet luxurious bodily pleasures.

To make an herbal basket, place your choice of herbal body care products in a basket, then decorate it with dried flowers and leaves. You may also wish to include other items such as a loofah sponge, a handmade washcloth or a natural sea si1 sponge. Be sure to include a list of ingredients and directions for using each of the products. Below I offer ideas for three different gift baskets composed of products from this chapter grouped according to skin type. You can also choose from the various other formulas in this chapter to create your own customized Gift Basket.

Herbal Body Care Baskets Photo Gallery

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