Herbal Skin Clear Homemade


Use for pimples, acne and infected skin. This formula requires a 6-week period to make, but once made will keep for a year or more outside refrigeration.

1/2 oz. goldenseal root powder 25 drops of tea tree essential oil

1 oz. echinacea root powder 25 drops chamomile essential oil

1/2 oz. myrrh powder 25 drops wintergreen essential oil

8 oz. 80-100 proof vodka 25 drops lavender essential oil

1 oz. apple cider vinegar

Make tincture with herbs and vodka, following Directions for Alcohol Tinctures Using Dried Herbs. Let steep for 6 weeks and strain. Add vinegar and essential oils.

Apply directly to problem area with cotton swab, and repeat as needed. This preparation is also excellent for cleaning wounds. Makes about 6 oz.

Variation: Wet a teaspoon of clay with Herbal Skin Clear and apply to pimples to dry them out.

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