Herbs For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Herbs are not just for cooking. Their power can be unlocked for the healing and protection of our bodies. The immense benefits of herbs are easily harnessed when herbs and essential oils are incorporated into homemade beauty products. Consequently Your skin will look more beautiful and radiant.

Safety Considerations For Herbal Skin Care

Herbs can help you to have clear, radiant and healthy skin but before using them in your homemade beauty products, you need to know that some of them may have negative effects on your skin. These include itching, rashes and other issues.

A simple skin test will enable you to know the herbs that are not compatible with your skin. Soak the dried herb in a little water for a while then dab the liquid on your arm If the herb is fresh, simply squeeze it to get the juice. Wait for a day to see if your skin will develop itching, rash or redness.

Even when some herbs are used topically, they can interfere with other medicines. If you are on ongoing medication, it is vital to discuss your beauty regimen with a licensed dermatologist, a holistic herbalist or your primary health care provider.

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