A barely fully totally different selection is required if you happen to’re travelling in nations with out straightforward accessibility to medical care. Your first-aid tools must be versatile and light-weight, containing a small assortment of preparations with numerous makes use of applicable for treating typical points affecting travellers in distinctive nations. I wish to suggest taking each tincture mixes or powder capsules of these herbs. Your pure first-aid tools should match your explicit desires, counting on the place you are going and what you might be doing.



Herbs can provide solely a supportive treatment, not a treatment, for lots of tropical sicknesses. Till you is perhaps medically licensed it is harmful to depend upon herbs to take care of malaria – fully totally different strands often need fully totally different treatments. Some people declare that within the occasion you employ adequate insect repellents you acquired’t get bitten by mosquitoes, nevertheless such a way is never foolproof, and in addition you solely need one chew to contract malaria. It’s best to take precautions to minimise the hazard of being contaminated, nevertheless you will need to additionally each take the orthodox prophylactics or have normal treatment obtainable with you (the perfect treatment stays to be based totally on plant constituents – quinine and artemisinin). It is a good suggestion to take milk thistle capsules whereas taking anti-malarial prophylactics or whilst you finish the course – milk thistle has a defending movement inside the liver in the direction of some destructive results.


You could additionally practice good care with meals and hygiene to forestall getting contaminated with parasites -eat solely well-cooked meals, no salads, peel the fruit, use iodine or chlorine to purify the water, and so forth. Some parasites from the tropics, for instance giardia, will probably be effectively dealt with with herbs, nevertheless the treatment is often explicit to the parasite so it’s best to look help whilst you come once more. For the ultimate preventative treatment of digestive points see submit 11, posts 46 and 47.

I wish to suggest that you just take greater portions of explicit herbs for these situations whilst you need a vigorous and rapid treatment, for instance a excessive chest an an infection, excessive diarrhoea or an contaminated wound; the treatment should ultimate you prolonged adequate sooner than you attain medical help.

Moreover take rehydrating salts (supportive treatment for diarrhoea) and sterile saline for treating eye infections and cleaning wounds.


• 50g arnica and comfrey cream, blended half-and-half – for bruising, sprains, drained muscular tissues and joints, head accidents, or broken ribs, toes or fingers.

• 50g calendula ointment – for sunburn, cuts and small wounds, blisters, insect bites, pores and pores and skin rashes, fungal infections, ulcers (along with tropical ulcers), sores or bunions.

• 100 charcoal tablets – for meals poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting or persevering with indigestion.

• 200ml anti-diarrhoea mix (see submit 58) – for diarrhoea and meals poisoning and for potential parasitic an an infection; this may occasionally even be used as a lotion for itchy insect bites. It might be additional smart to have the similar herbs powdered, blended and put in capsule sort: technique your native herbalist if you happen to want to get such capsules.

• 100 propolis capsules – to behave as a pure antibiotic for any an an infection .

• 20ml eyebright tincture in a dropper bottle – to be used with a sterile saline for eye infections, see submit 124.

• 20ml tea tree vital oil – for disinfecting cuts, wounds, sores, and so forth. Use neat, or dilute with clear water or sterile saline.

• 100ml or additional of insect repellent – see area.

• 100ml ginkgo tincture (or capsule equal) – as an elective merchandise when travelling in a cold native climate or at extreme altitude, to minimise the hazard of frostbite or altitude sickness.


• 10-20 drops vital oil of citronella

• 10-20 drops vital oil of lemon-grass or rosemary

• 100ml lavender aromatic water base To make

• Mix parts collectively and pour proper right into a spray-top container.

Adults and children over three years: spray every 4 hours on uncovered areas of pores and pores and skin.

Bear in mind: not applicable for children beneath three years or for pregnant girls.

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