Cold sores, usually found on the lips or face, are caused by the virus herpes simplex I. The condition is infectious and can be spread to other parts of the body or to other people quite easily. Some people are particularly prone to cold sores, especially when they are run down or have suffered exposure to cold wind or hot sunshine.

Genital herpes is an infection transmitted by sexual contact and caused by the virus herpes simplex II. The first attack is generally the worst; the skin of the genital region becomes red and itchy and then erupts into small, very painful blisters which can last for several weeks. This tends to be followed by recurrent attacks which take a milder form, often precipitated by stress, sexual activity or another infection; these subsequent attacks usually last only a few days. Nevertheless, genital herpes remains a very distressing condition that does not respond to standard antibiotic treatment (like cold sores, which also do not respond to antibiotics).
Use neat lavender oil to dab any blisters or sores as soon as they begin to develop – check for skin sensitivity first! Repeat frequently over a period of several days, or until the condition has cleared.

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In the case of genital herpes, at the very first sign of infection make a concentrated solution by mixing 30 drops of lavender oil with about 1 litre of war water – shake or stir well before use. Use this solution to douche or wash the genital area frequently to soothe irritation and prevent the infection from developing. In addition, all sexual partners should also undergo treatment to avoid re-infection; abstain from sexual contact for at least a week during the treatment.

Note: Although it is normal to experience a temporary, warm sensation, discontinue this method if irritation occurs.

Add 8-10 drops to the bath water as a general disinfectant measure.

Other measures: take vitamin C tablets; bergamot (bergapten-free) oil and especially tea tree oil are also beneficial for treating herpes when applied in the same manner as lavender.

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