The Hidden Love Story In Taylor Swift’s “1389”

Instead of individual songs that mean different things, Taylor has mentioned that 1989 will be more of a collective story. But how to the pieces of the story fit together? Here's the whole story.

Song Title: Welcome to New York

Once upon a time, there was a girl who moved to New York…

Song Title: Blank Space

…and this girl was known by everyone and no one at the same time.

Song Title: Style

…Sadly, she fell in love with someone who simply couldn't stay.

…They loved each other like crazy and without abandon.

Song Title: All You Had To Do Was Stay

…However, things didn't work out and they paid the price.

Song Title: Shake It Off

…So, she danced the night away to forget about him.

…Along the way, she made friends and she made some enemies.

Song Title: Wildest Dreams

…Meanwhile, he dreamed about her every single night.

Song Title: How To Get The Girl

…Then, one day, he came back and tried to get her back.

Song Title: This Love

…Timing really is a funny thing.


…Everyone was watching them to see what would happen.

Song Title: Clean

…In the end, she lost him again, but fortunately, she found herself in the process. Somehow that was all she needed.

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