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Nervous passenger? Essential oils can take the edge off the dread of flying or the fear of travelling on busy roads. Don't auto-rush for lavender – deeply soothing, relaxing frankincense can help lower anxiety and stress, while giving you a feeling of mental calm.

W&H LOVES Soil's.

Organic Frankincense Oil, R90 for 5ml, soil.co. Za. Drop some on a hankie, breathe in deeply, sit back, relax miraculous stuff!


Can't get comfy? Try a neck stretch to ease tension, suggests yoga expert Andrew McGonigle.

4 Sitting upright, keep your left elbow down, and take your right arm up and over the side of your head, allowing the weight of your arm to encourage a gentle stretch in your neck.

4 Breathe deeply, and slowly release after a minute.

Repeat on the other side.

L Want to stay happy and healthy when you're facing a travel delay? Go to womanandhomemagazine.co.

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