For an invigorating body scrub, grab a handful of luxury salt granules, such as ‘Fleur de Sel’, and mix them with a tablespoon of good-quality almond oil. Massage gently over rough skin, paying particular attention to knees and elbows, then rinse off with warm water.


No reunions for me. Oh sweet sea take me back. I fell asleep and woke drenched in dew in the early hours. I crept home in shame. We met at Heathrow on a bright summer morning, checked-in and squatted in the bar until the flight was called. Ben was aloof, being six months before the end of his cadetship. He was hoping to only do three more months as a senior cadet and then get an uplift to uncertificated third mate so he didn’t want to get too pally with cadets he would probably be ordering around in the near future. There was an officer shortage at the time and it was common for senior cadets to be made up to uncert’ third mate for the last few months of their time. The BOAC flight stopped in the Bahrain to refuel and we were allowed off to stretch our legs in the airport terminal. There was no bar; the airport shops were full of junk.

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