Highlights and lowlights for red hair

Beginners Note: When separating the synthetic bulk (for one or two row style cornrows) do not cut hair in half as you would with single (hair styles). Leave synthetic hair long to achieve a full cornrow look, if hair is cut the ends will appear smaller and not look as uniform to the rest of the hairstyle.

Step 1: Part desired section of hair. That section will be the frame work for the cornrow.

Step 2: Grab one strand of client’s hair and with free hand wrap synthetic hair around client’s hair.

Step 3: Separate synthetic hair into 2 sections.

Step 4: For third section grab an equal size amount of client’s natural hair from the part and pull that over the right section. The section that was on the right is now incorporated into the parted section of hair.

Step 5: Slowly stop braiding, hold hair in place and check directional pattern of cornrow. Mix client’s hair with synthetic hair while maintaining the three-strand cornrow. Continue this process. Keep alternating from left to right until the cornrow is complete.

Step 6: Once reached the end of the parted hair, continue braiding client’s natural hair unattached from scalp.

Step 7: Finish braid by applying one of the dipping methods (described in Braid Girl section Alternatives for Ends) or secure with rubber band so braids will not come a loose.

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