Hippie Flower Child Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, if you’re planning to be a hippie flower child this Halloween is a fun makeup left to pair with your costume son off by priming your lids with an eyeshadow primer here. I’m using Urban Decay’s primer potion. And I like this.

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Because it prevents my eye shells from creasing and it also makes it last longer use a white face to make the eye shadows more vibrant this is NYX jumbo pencil in milk first of all just apply it to your lids and then blend it out with your fingers for this look I’ll be using my Coastal Scents palette this is creative me number one and it has all the bright fun colors pick up this fuchsia color and apply this to the outer corner of your eyes right at the top above the crease and just blend making a v-shape take your time and build up the color as you blend move the color along your eyes towards the inner corner use a different shader brush and pick up this orange color apply it to the balls of your eyes and gently blend it with the fuchsia color which kind of looks pink on my lid grab another clean shader brush and pick up this bright yellow apply this to the inner corner of your eyes and blend it out with the orange and also drag it up towards the pink with a sigma tapered blending brush pick up this red color and apply this to the outer corner of your eyes you want to deposit this red color right in between the pink and the orange doing.

So will add more dimension to the eyes. And I’ll also make the eye shadow look more vibrant for the highlight use the matte ivory color here. I’m using one from my wet and wild vanity palette apply this color right underneath your brows and also blend it with the bright colors below go back to the red and fuchsia color mix them together and apply these two colors right underneath your lash line at the outer corner and connect it with the top going to the orange color and apply this right in the middle below your lash line and lastly grab the yellow and apply this to the inner corner of your eyes when that’s all done grab your favorite eyeliner here. I’m using Maybelline’s line stiletto and line your eyes grab a white eyeliner and apply this to your waterline this will make your eyes pop even more grab a black eyeliner and draw a line right below the white this will make the white pop curl your lashes and apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes this part is optional. But, if you want you can apply fake lashes here. I’m just using regular ones I already have glue on the lash band and now.

I’m just placing it right above my real lashes since your eyes are really bright and vibrant it really does make the rest of your face look washed out. So do use a nice pink and glowy blush for lipstick you can go for whatever color you like. I’m using this baby pink one for gloss amusing my lip fusion color shine and for those of you who are wondering this class really does work it makes my neck really plump even though. I’m wearing lipstick underneath. So here’s the completed look I hope you guys like it and peace out didn’t.

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