Holiday 2018 Hairstyle Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, I’m going to walk you through this very easy holiday hair & makeup tutorial this perfect for upcoming parties and events.

So let’s begin nothing says luxury more than gold at your fingertips. But, if you don’t want to break the bank then check this nail polish out at the drugstore this is L’Oreal’s oil nail polish in the shade lore it’s a festive and pretty color that goes with almost every skin tone before I apply eye shadow. I’m going to use l’oréal’s color riche eyeshadow primer. And I’m just going to put some on my fingers and Pat it onto my lids this will neutralize my lid color and make the eyeshadow stand out more going into my L’Oreal appellant nude one. I’m going to use a flat shader brush and mix the first two shades together then. I’m going to apply it underneath my brows as the highlight with a fluffy blending brush pick up the third shade and sweep it over your crease this will serve as a transition color.

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But it will also set the tone for my eye shadow and keep it warm to deepen the color of the crease. I’m going to pick up the fifth shade and apply it over the previous color using the brush that comes with the palette. I’m going to pick up this dark brown color and apply it to the outer V or the outer corner of my eye. I’m also going to sweep this color along my lower lash line to balance my eye shadow next. I’m going to use my all-time favorite drugstore eyeshadow this is l’oreal infallible eyeshadow in the color amber rush i’m just going to pick it up with my pinky and apply it all over my lids with a small smudge brush i’m going to pick up this shade call hourglass beige and apply this to the inner corners of my eyes and to define my eyes I’ll be using the new L’Oreal voluminous liner Noir and this has an ultra fine tip. So you get a thin line and it’s also great for creating cat eyes looks now it’s time to curl my lashes and apply mascara here i’m using the l’oreal voluminous feline noir mascara this has a quick charge brush that picks up your lashes and adds instant volume for best results i recommend applying two coats to your top and bottom lashes and that’s about it here is the completed eyelid moving on to face first. I’m going to prime my face and fill in my pores.

So I’m using the Loreal magic perfecting base not only does this erase my pores it also provides a smooth canvas for my foundations to give my skin that radiant glow. I’m going to use the L’Oreal infallible Pro glow foundation. And I’m in the shade natural beige this one is great, if you have dry skin. Because it’s super hydrating. So it’s good for colder months. But, if you have oily skin I recommend the infallible Pro matte foundation instead I usually apply foundation with a damp makeup sponge.

But for this foundation I just dotted onto my skin and blend it out with a brush to conceal my under eyes and brighten them up. I’m going to use the magic lumi highlighter here. I’m creating two triangles underneath my eyes. And I’m also going to highlight the bridge of my nose and my chin you can use a brush to blend the product out. But I think for this particular one fingers are better to add some color to my cheeks. I’m going to use the L’Oreal True Match blush in the shade barely blushing this is a mid-tone beige color that works as a contour and a blush for lip color.

I’m going with the infallible Pro matte gloss in the shade statement nude finally set your makeup with the infallible roll spray and set to use this just shake it up and spray it on in an exit p.m. option now that we’re done with the face we can fast forward to hair and today. I’m going to do a very simple updo. But first. I’m going to add some texture to my hair by curling it loosely next I’ll be using the l’oreal creme de list from Elle net and this is nice. Because it’s lightweight and adds volume and strong holds.

But at the same time it’s not sticky and it doesn’t weigh your hair down to use this just pump some on your hand and apply it from roots to tips and voila extra volume without teasing now the updo itself is very easy first hair your hair into a ponytail and, if you want use the back of a rat tail comb and gently puff up the back make a hole above the hair tie and flip your ponytail all the wasters flip it in once more. But this time you want to create a loop where the hair tie is up on the loop and spread it apart to create a bun secure each side of the bun down with a bobby pin now, if you want to half up and half down hairstyle that you can always leave it like this, but. I’m going to braid the rest of my hair and wrap it around the bun. So for the braid you can do a regular braid a fishtail braid but. I’m going to do a rope twist great try the braid off with an elastic band wrap it around the bun and secure it in place with a few bobby pins set your hairstyle with the UH net setting hairspray and your final look is complete. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did give it a thumbs up. And I’ll see you in another one bye.

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