Holiday Half UpDo with Tousled Waves

This holiday season I wanted to make just a really easy timeless seasonless wearable half updo and I love this one it’s very Brigitte Bardot inspired it’s good for any time of the year but I think especially during the holidays right now so we’re going to start off with these tassels waves and my hair needs a little help in the volume department so I’m using some volumizing mousse I’m going to put that on my fingertips and then put that through the roots of my hair you can choose to do this on damp hair or dry hair either way you want to be sure to activate it with your hairdryer because the heat usually helps volumizing mousse is to really enhance the look of your hair so once you’ve got that then you should have some nice volume going on at your roots and you have natural volume obviously you can skip that step then you’re going to go ahead and add in some heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat and then.

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I’m going to be sweating my hair in half and this just makes it a lot easier because we’re just doing two big sections of hair I’m going to be using my one inch attachment from my nume Titan 3:1 this gives me great tasseled waves we could also go with a 3/4 inch attachment from this one for beachy curls or the one and 1/4 inch wand for a faux blowout look so for the curl method you’re going to take a section of hair and you’re going to hold on to it while you wrap it around what I mean by that is that you don’t let go out of the hair at all and when you do that you can see that it causes a little twist every time you wrap your hair around that actually creates a wave without you doing any extra work so it’s an amazing effect that you get on the hair then you just want to let that warm up and then hold it in your hand for about 5 to 10 seconds and let it down and you’ve got a wave also don’t forget the glove I’ve been trying to wear the glove that comes with this set more because it’s good to protect your hands but I sometimes forget like obviously just did right there anyway you’re gonna continue doing that and I’m curling the majority of these away from my face but I’m throwing in a couple little sneaky ones going toward my face and the reason that I’m doing that is because I don’t want the curls to weave together and make little sleek waves I want them to all kind of beats hassled and a nice way to make that happen is just to randomize the direction that you’re curling the hair and in case you’re wondering because you guys always ask me this.

I am curling my hair on a 350 degrees setting the great thing about the tight three is that you can set your heat which is awesome so that’s typically the temperature that I like to curl my hair at so once you’ve got all the hair curls you can bring it forward and I’m going to use a little bit of texturizing spray right underneath the top layer of my hair you could also use dry shampoo it adds the smallest amount of texture and it really helps to prep your hair for the next steps so now we have the bump and there are two really important lines in this hairstyle and the first one is the shape that this buff makes on top we just wanted to be nicely gently rounded so you’re going to take the hair from right around the crown of your head and use a hairbrush to just gently tease it this adds a nice kind of fluffy light tease and then brush it back push it up and pin it in place and that’s literally.

All you have to do just a nice gentle tease to make the bump then for the sides this creates the second important line that we make in this hairstyle you want to make sure you have this great kind of drooping line and knot so it really sets this hairstyle apart so you want to grab a section of hair from a couple inches back from your hairline pull it back and then loosen it and as you loosen it you’ll see that little arced shape come to life and it really creates the shape that makes this hairstyles so special once you have that there you’re just going to twist your hair twice at the end and then place that right over the bobby pins in the back then you just pin up and into the twist a couple of times and you’re good to go you do that on the other side and you’re just going to take the same section a couple inches back then you’re going to pull it back and loosen it up with your hand in order to create that arced line then twist it twice and place.

It next to the previous section and then pin it in place up and into the twist now at this point your ends might be a little bit fuzzy so take a little bit of shine spray or oil onto your hands and run that over your ends and you’ll see that it helps retain a little bit of frizziness that might have happened then you can add a little bit of hairspray if you want but this hairstyle is complete if you want to try out some of my favorite curling irons you can use the coats label so you get 60% off of the new me site or you can use the code stockings for 20% off their holiday catalog I hope you guys really love this hairstyle I think it’s so so beautiful and I hope you try it out if you do tag me on social media with the hashtag Keeley Melissa and maybe you’ll be my subscriber spotlight in my next post I’ll see you guys in and I love you very much mwah bye.

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