Holiday Knotted Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do this holiday knotted hairstyle and you might want to stay tuned to the end for a little surprise since. I’m going to use hot tools.

Holiday Knotted Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

I’m going to spray my hair with something protectant and this is the kqc thermal shine. So after you spray your hair you want to brush it out to distribute the product now the thing with knotted hairstyles is that they always make your hair kind of frizzy and there’s always a lot of flyaways. So before I get started. I’m going to strain my hair with my flat iron doing this will eliminate frizz and close the hair cuticles to create smooth and shiny hair now if you’ve been reading me for years you’ll know that my favorite flower iron is the kqc. But ever since I got this is the only one I’ve been reaching for I’ll talk a little bit more about it at the end. But for now let’s go back to the hair tutorial to start them off raise pick up some hair to the front of your face and divide it into two equal sections. I’m going to call these strands the left strand and the right strand take the left strand cross it over the right then create a loop and pull the left strand through.

So, if you make friendship bracelets this is actually called a right to left knot and that’s exactly what we’re doing. So now you want to merge the two strands together pick up another strand which is our new left strand cross it over the right strand then create a right to left knot and pull it through combine the two strands together and pick up another chunk of hair right beside it take the new strand which is now the left strand cross it over the right create a loop with your index finger and your thumb and pull the left strand through. So I’m just going to continue this braid until I reach the back of my head. But, if you want to you can also continue it all the way around finally grab an elastic band and tie it off when you’re done don’t forget to do the exact same thing on the other side of your head this part is optional but. I’m going to make my hairstyle look more festive by giving it some curls with my QT performance curly lines. I’m using a 1 inch barrel here. But, if you prefer loose curls then you can always opt for a larger ones.

So here’s the completed look I think it’s really fun and it’s definitely a great hairstyle for your holiday get-together alright guys. So earlier in the post you saw me using this flat iron right over here and this is the QT performance diamond ceramic flat iron I figured. I’m always giving away curling irons when really there are some people out there who desperately need a top quality professional flat iron like this, one. So today. I’m giving one to a lucky viewer anyways here’s my flat iron I’ll be using it for a few months now. So as you can see the rubberized exterior is a little bit dirty from all my makeup I strain my hair at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. But this temperature control setting allows you to go all the way up to 450 degrees.

So if we have coarse hair then this is perfect now one thing that stands out most about this flat iron are the glistening diamond ceramic plate these infused diamond plates actually preserve more moisture within the hair shaft. So instead of trying out your hair like other flat irons this one seals in the natural oils of your hair making it look soft and shiny. So if this sounds like something you like then don’t forget to read all the rules in the post description below to see how you can win good luck everyone and thanks so much for reading comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and feel free to check out my other hair tutorial.

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