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This year, Holly Walton has received thousands of pounds’ worth of vouchers and cash, five iPads and had her phone bill and the finance on her car paid for.

Every week, at least 10 parcels arrive for her and, in the run-up to Christmas, she’s expecting Louboutin shoes, a designer handbag and Chanel perfume. Shockingly, Holly, 25, is sent these gifts by complete strangers.


Holly’s what’s known as a rinser and a financial dominatrix -she insults men who follow her on Twitter and taunts them on the phone into giving her money and presents. She doesn’t flirt with them or send them sexy pictures, but believes the insults turn them on.

She says: Even though I don’t say anything particularly sexual, I can tell they’re turned on as they’ll breathe heavily. I’ll insult their manhood and tell them they’re pathetic and couldn’t please a real woman. And I make them My designer gifts are paid for by men I’ve never met’

Holly Walton knows what she’ll be getting for Christmas – her list includes designer shoes, clothes and iPads, all bought by admirers she’s never met!

humiliate themselves – I told one man to eat smashed up Creme Eggs from the floor. Holly’s been doing it for seven years and it enables her to live a lifestyle she could never afford with her £18k job for a transport company

– she makes around the same again in cash, gift cards and presents.

Holly, who lives in Nottingham, says: People think it’s easy, but it’s not. It’s timeconsuming talking to men and raising my profile, as loads of other girls are doing the same. Although I don’t meet the men,

I talk to them on the phone and some of my regulars are from the US, so I take calls at 3am. I’m not a sympathetic ear for them, they just want to be insulted.

I enjoy it and the money and presents are amazing – I’ve had about £12,000 just in gift tokens and cash this year. The men know what they’re doing and I don’t make false promises. I don’t have sex with them and don’t even meet them usually. Though I did meet one of my regulars for a

shopping trip – he spent £300 on me and gave me £150 in cash. My boyfriend knows what I do and doesn’t have a problem with it. Holly got into rinsing by

accident in 2008. A man added her on Facebook and messaged her offering to top up her phone credit for nothing in return.

I was only 17 and it made abig impression, she says. After that, I looked into it and discovered rinsing. I set up a Twitter account and joined some rinsing websites and it grew from there.


Holly now has eight regular clients who send her money and presents. They are mostly married professionals aged between 20 and 60. She talks to them through social media and on the phone, where she makes demands for money or presents.

She reveals: I think it’s an escape from their wives. Because I’m not saying anything conventionally sexual, it’s a way for them to get turned on without being with someone.

Once, Holly was given £1,900 in a night – but more often the amount is in the hundreds. She has a wishlist on Amazon and, astonishingly, she’ll even ask for

I like to spoil people’

John, 58, is a retired accountant who’s been married for 35 years and has two grownup children. He’s been giving Holly money for two years.

He explains: I’m submissive by nature and like to spoil people. I lead a very respectable life, so I like having this secret.

I like to be bossed about and insulted. I’m always treated with respect in my normal life – so it gives me a buzz when Holly demands things. I can afford to do it and I’m not being unfaithful to my wife, though she’d be very surprised to know about this. Holly’s a spoilt brat and I enjoy indulging her – it’s that simple.

items that her boyfriend wants this year he’d like a new iPad and some designer boots – and admirers usually buy them.

I manage to lead a lavish life, she says. My mum knows about it and finds it funny. Lots of the men are lonely and I think they enjoy the attention of a pretty girl. I’m not ashamed – it’s just a business arrangement.

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