Yes, Jorgie Porter, you do have a fabulous figure -and here’s another chance to show it off in an eyepopping Christmas outfit. A green-eyed Lisa tries to convince Zack that Theresa is using him for, well, her needs – and then blurts out that she’s in love with him. She manages to seal things with a kiss after he carelessly smashes his new car into a wall and she tells him she’s not really his sister…

Probably relieved that he won’t have to act wasted any more, Ste’s pals rally round this Yuletide and he finally gets his act together, meeting John Paul under the archway on Christmas Eve, where romantic JP gets down on one knee. But then Harry turns up -what’s a boy to do.?


The Gloved Hand killer is still on the warpath, setting her sights on her next victim…

Esther gets her girl, planting a smacker on Grace at the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Porsche and Reenie

have a scrap in Price Slice, then get ready to leave Hollyoaks behind

ziggy and leela caught in explosion!

It wouldn’t be Christmas

without some quality pyrotechnics Hollyoaks-stylee. When Ziggy pops to see Leela and hand over a gift for Peri, she

wakes up from a nap and can smell gas. Unfortunately, it seems she’s locked herself in – cue some macho-man kicking in of the door to save her..

I love Christmas!’

Reenie McQueen will attempt to leave the Hollyoaks village with daughter Porsche when it seems she’s in danger of going back to jail…

How does this drama come about?

Reenie gets a letter about the reading of evil Derek Clough’s will. Porsche also gets summoned – which means potentially Reenie has to confront her daughter and tell her the truth about her past.

There’s a fight between the pair of you in Price Slice? [See below right.]

It was fun to do – there’s a lot of hair pulling!

Are you a Christmas person?

I love it. My husband Jim and [seven-year-old] daughter Lily like lots and lots of decorations. Lily is so excited about Christmas this year. Who does the cooking round at yours at Christmas?

It’s usually a group effort, but Jim is very good because he keeps calm, while I tend to panic a bit.


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