Homemade Clove Prickly Ash Mouth Rinse for All Skin Types

This mouth rinse combines clove’s and prickly ash bark’s antiseptic, pain-relieving and deodorizing properties with the cleansing action of alcohol. The addition of the alcohol also preserves the product for several months or longer. The formula can be made without alcohol but will not be as cleansing or last as long. It is interesting to note that unlike other water-based infusions, which only last a

few days in the refrigerator, clove infusion seems to last for a few weeks or more outside of refrigeration; clove’s strong antimicrobial action seems to inhibit the spoilage process. But to err on the side of safety I would store the formulation made without alcohol in the refrigerator and use it up within a week.

1 tablespoon whole cloves 5 oz. 80 proof vodka

1 tablespoon prickly ash bark (cut) 25 drops peppermint essential oil

1 cup water

Make herbal infusion with herbs and water and let steep for 8 hours or longer. Pour 5 oz. strained infusion into a glass jar, add the vodka and essential oil, cap and shake. It is ready for use. Makes 10 oz. of mouthwash.

Variation: Replace the tablespoon of prickly ash bark with 1 tablespoon echinacea root (coarsely ground) or 1 tablespoon goldenseal root powder.

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