Homemade Cream Bath

To nourish and protect the skin from drying out. Add a teaspoon of cream into the baby’s bath.

5 drops chamomile essential oil

Baby Bath Oil

A rich, soothing and calming oil to add to the bathwater or apply directly onto skin.

1 oz. jojoba oil 1/2 oz. wheat germ oil

1 oz. almond oil

1 1/2 oz. calendula-infused olive oil (see Luscious Lotion 29)

Pour oils, except the chamomile essential oil, into a jar, then add the chamomile essential oil drop by drop, cap and shake well. Add 1 teaspoon of oil into the bathwater just prior to immersing the baby, or massage directly into skin. Makes 3 oz., enough for about 18 baths.

Essential Oils in the Baby Bath

You can add various therapeutic effects to baby’s bath with a single drop of essential oil added to the water. The use of essential oils can be especially helpful during stressful times, such as when a baby is teething or recovering from an illness. Remember that essential oils are extremely concentrated and very potent. When using them, please add 1 drop and 1 drop only to the water, as the addition of more can be irritating to baby’s delicate skin. Keep an eye on how your baby responds to different essential oils. If you see any sign of skin irritation, avoid using the oil that may have caused it.

Homemade Cream Bath Photo Gallery

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