Homemade Springtime Body Oil Blend

An uplifting, healing, floral-scented oil that can be used anytime of year.

4 oz. Basic Body Oil Blend (preferred) 8 drops ylang-ylang essential oil

Or other carrier oil of choice 15 drops lavender essential oil.

24 drops basil essential oil.

Pour Basic Body Oil Blend or carrier oil of choice into a jar and add the essential oils, drop by drop. Cap jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake well. The oil is ready to use.

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Makes 4 oz.

I have had some negative feedback on my new journey. A few people have questioned whether this new message of self-love is being pushed too hard by ‘social influencers’ and whether it is just the latest fad. I admit this gave me a little niggling sense of self-doubt for a while, made me second guess my message. Was I now shaming those who choose to diet or train hard to achieve a certain weight or body type? Was I making them feel as though their lifestyle was wrong? I also got some flak from the other side ‘big is beautiful’ campaigners claiming I wasn not big enough to be talking about selflove! It is so difficult to please everyone, and I have certainly never set out to create a divide. I have never taken a negative approach to my old life, only a positive one to a new way of living. I haven not turned my back on a makeupy lifestyle, I have just chosen to really pull back the intensity around the way I eat and how I exercise I’m not as strict as I used to be around whole, natural foods, and my exercise routines are no longer gruelling or punishing. I am not advocating eating badly or living a sedentary life I’m just all for doing exercise and eating well because it makes you feel good. And I firmly believe that self-love actually has little to do with body size, it is all about the mind. With two of my friends, Leah Light (middle) and Leonie Barlow, on a wellness retreat in Bali. #selflove I get to share my story with heaps of amazing women at public speaking events.

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