Homemade Witch Hazel Deodorant

Witch Hazel, distilled and store-bought, applied to a cotton swab or cloth and rubbed into the underarms cleanses and neutralizes body odor. Variation follows: Witch Hazel Tea Tree Double Whammy

Add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil to every ounce of witch hazel to increase the antimicrobial and deodorizing action of the witch hazel.

Homemade Deodorant

My friend Ken was dissatisfied with commercial soaps and deodorants. He found these products to be ineffective at clearing body odor, while also containing offensive synthetic scents and other irritating chemical ingredients. He did a little experimenting and was thrilled to discover this simple formula that far surpasses deodorants and soaps for cleansing action. Ken also feels that applying the deodorant to a cotton ball or cloth and wiping the underarms does a better job than spraying it on.

4 oz. witch hazel 5 drops rosemary essential oil

8 drops lavender essential oil 2 drops patchouli essential oil

Pour ingredients into a 4-oz. jar and shake well. It is ready to use. Apply to cotton ball and wipe underarms after bathing and as needed throughout the day. Shake before use. Makes 4 oz.

Vodka Deodorants. Food-grade alcohol, such as vodka, is cleansing and mildly deodorizing. You can use straight vodka, but you may find it to be too drying to the skin. Dilute the vodka with water and a less drying effect results. The diluted vodka provides a simple deodorant that can be used on its own or as a base for the various formulas that follow.

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