Honeymoon to St Petersburg & Clearwater

The area is made up of 26 distinct communities, each with its own flavour St Petersburg/Clearwater is famous for award-winning beaches, including St Pete Beach, Caladesi Island State Park, Clearwater Beach and Fort De Soto Park. Outdoor recreation and natural attractions, from boating and biking to wildlife viewing, are abundant throughout the year The area also offers shopping, dining and entertainment.

Honeymoon to St Petersburg & Clearwater Photo Gallery

This adoption of rank was, however, only in terms of looking up. For instance, the second mate would be ordered about by the chief mate, and in turn the second mate would dish out orders to the third mate and the cadets. The second mate’s wife would be seen as being nominally ‘above’ the third mate and the cadets in terms of status, and nominally ‘below’ the chief mate and captain. However, while she would be looked up to by those below, she would never be looked down on by anyone superior to her husband. Wives were great loafers. They loafed in the sun by the pool when it had been filled up at sea; otherwise they loafed in the sun in bikinis on the boat deck or on the monkey island. In cooler weather they mostly loafed in their cabins. They spent a lot of time in the bar, usually in the company of their husbands, although sometimes not – particularly when he had to sleep during the social hours because of the watch he was keeping. Most wives spent a lot of time reading. Some had hobbies, some kept diaries.

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