May 20-June 19 There’s not a butterfly in the sky with wings as radiant as yours during your solar month, when flirtation is your middle name and clever repartee is your game. Make sure your message lands near a certain gentle someone who understands exactly how much space those pretty wings need. CANCER June 20-July 21 Merge those money-making ideas that are keeping you up at night with your love of all things beautiful and you’ll be sitting on a rocket aimed for success. But fi rst things fi rst, Ms Moonchild! Use your talents to create a compelling business plan. If you can dream it, you know you can manifest it. SAGITTARIUS November 21-December 20 June may tempt you to jump on your high horse and gallop away, leaving loved ones in a cloud of hurtful words, hastily delivered. Before you head o , though, count to 10, take a deep breath, then drop the illusion of superiority.

Those fences need mending. CAPRICORN December 21-January 19 Your e orts to be ‘best and brightest’ will go nowhere if your wheels start spinning, you ambitious young goat. Curling up with an inspiring memoir will keep you out of trouble and help you reconnect with your true motivations quicker than any workplace seduction. AQUARIUS January 20-February 17 An intelligent, passionate meeting of the minds does more to pique your curiosity and spark interest than a dozen overused romantic gestures. If you have the great fortune to meet a confi dent someone who also treats you like a queen, you just may have a keeper on your hands. PISCES February 18-March 18 You look like an absolute star in that new leadership role. Life in the deep end, with all that extra responsibility, fi nancial reward and thrill of swimming with the big fi sh, becomes you.

The home front may look like an Eastern bazaar right now, Little Mermaid, but you won’t notice until you come up for air. ARIES March 19-April 18 Have your suitcase packed and ready. This month will have you mixing business with pleasure, which you already have down to a fi ne art. Indulge selectively and keep a clear head. Things are moving too fast with too much at stake for foolish risk-taking. TAURUS April 19-May 19 Creature comforts are essential for little Bulls, including a home to be proud of. If a purchase or renovation is on your agenda, put a lid on impulse buying. Conjure up some money-making strategies to o set costs, and you’ll be sitting pretty. LEO July 22-August 21 Your inner rock star yearns for top billing and will want to dress the part.

As you move towards centre stage, avoid stepping on the toes of those who helped get you there. A simple gesture of gratitude will do more to bolster that regal image than you may realise. And then … rock on! VIRGO August 22-September 21 You’re a caped crusader by day, as you implement the new and defl ect protests from higher-ups who threaten to bring back the Dark Ages. By night, you dream of creating something extraordinary. No need to burn the candle at both ends.

There’s not an ordinary bone in your body. LIBRA September 22-October 21 Exercising your delightfully curious mind with a new intellectual pursuit has the capacity to expand more than your educational horizons this month. As doors open socially, Ms Popularity, you may waltz your way right into a fl irtation with a slightly erotic slant. SCORPIO October 22-November 20 Laying out hard cash to make your business more appealing to potential investors and new clients may get your vote this month. That exquisite taste has a way of ensuring everyone (and everything) looks and feels like a million bucks. Keep the receipts.

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