TAURUS 21 April – 20 May April will be a good month for you: you’re getting along well with people, even though you may be stressing about your fi nances. There is no real cause for concern – opportunities for fi nancial gain may arise, and your cautious, practical approach will stand you in good stead. Just don’t mull over it so long that you miss the boat. GEMINI 21 May – 20 June The quieter side of the Gemini personality comes to the fore, prompting you to retreat into your calm space looking for deeper meaning. This will encourage you to examine and probe everything that comes your way to fi nd the truth, which will serve you well when it comes to making decisions. CANCER 21 June – 20 July Cancerians are decisive this month, with clear intentions and emotions under control. You’ll move through the month with a sober, more realistic view of life. Your patience and strength will pay o , as things will come together easily. This is an excellent time to tackle big projects or make new starts. LEO 21 July – 20 August Fun and pleasure are high on your agenda. You are playful and light-hearted, but you’realso decisive, confi dent and responsible.

Be careful of appearing arrogant, as you will tend to make decisions on behalf of others, thinking you know what is best for them too. VIRGO 21 August – 20 September It may seem as though nothing is going your way – you are distracted and not as organised as usual. Take time to analyse your options and make sure you have all the facts before moving forward on any projects. LIBRA 21 September – 20 October April brings back Librans’ romantic mojo, with plenty of opportunities for interaction with the opposite sex. You will feel like the most popular person in the world. There is a catch, though – you’ve thrown caution to the wind and you’re tempted to overspend, which will catch up with you later. SCORPIO 21 October – 20 November You will feel the weight lifted o your shoulders. It’s time for action and a new direction. You know what you want and you will go after it. Your fi nances may restrict you a little, but you will fi nd a way around that too. Nothing will be too much of an obstacle. SAGITTARIUS 21 November – 20 December You seem to have things under control – you are busy, but you’re organised.

Work will go on as it has been doing, and luck is on your side too. Your past e orts will not go unnoticed and you are given the recognition you’ve earned. Life is good, and you are inspired and motivated. CAPRICORN 21 December – 20 January April is set to be a good but challenging month. You could land something big at work. There’ll be plenty of support from others and you will manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat, as your ability to assess everything thoroughly helps you make choices that lead to successful outcomes.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 20 February Things are calming down now: a work di culty is resolved and you will feel supported. There may even be a fi nancial gain. But don’t get too excited – misunderstandings could still arise. Socially things perk up, but don’t make commitments that you can’t keep. PISCES 21 February – 20 March This is not a time for active socialising or starting new projects. Take your time before embarking on any plans, and don’t be pressurised into decisions – you need to think things through thoroughly. Don’t allow others to infl uence you – they have their own BIRTHDAY CLUB interests at heart.

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