The most versatile coat length is probably the three-quarter-length one that falls to just above the knee. It suits most figures, can be thrown on over any outfit and will cover a multitude of sins.

Our skin tone, hair and eye colour all fade as we get older due to loss of pigment and for that reason it’s important to constantly reassess what colours suit us. Hold coloured fabric up towards your face in daylight to see which hues flatter you; avoid those that make your skin look sallow and drained.

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So, let is move on. As if these liver spots aren’t bad enough, there is another side to these age-old . old age blemishes: blood spots. Which are in direct competition with our liver spots. You see, some of us take blood thinners. It is not that we necessarily think that our blood is fat, or that we are trying to look svelte, it is usually because our cardiologist has told us that not taking them could be fatal. Why? Irregularity. No, not that kind. The heartbeat kind, which can cause serious problems. It seems a skipped beat or two can cause blood to pool in the heart.

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