Hot short haircuts for girls

CONCEALER: If you ‘re one of those lucky people who gets enough beauty sleep and has no dark circles, this is not for you. But most people can do with a little cover up under their eyes. Don’t over cake the concealer though. Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than your original skin tone. The idea is to merely correct the darkness under the eyes and not to go all out and cover it up. HIGHLIGHT ONE FEATURE: Even on the day of your wedding, it may be a good idea to stick to the classic “highlight one feature policy. Hot short haircuts for girls Draw attention to either your eyes or your lips. Overdoing everything on your wedding may seem like the most natural thing since everyone expects you to take it up a notch. But keep it classy and highlight your best feature. Additionally, focusing on aspects such as beautifully natural-looking skin, defined brows and natural looking thick lashes will make you look resplendent and not ‘made-up’. Get the basics right and the rest of your make-up will fall into place. Ever wondered why celebrities look great in all pictures? It’s because they know all their flattering angles. Try classic flattering red carpet poses. Practice in front of a mirror if necessary. Stand with your hips rotated 45o away from the camera. Maybe try and put your weight on your back foot. Feel free to put your hands on your hips. We’re often tempted to keep our arms close to our body or clasp them behind our back to hide underarm jiggle. This actually makes your arms look bigger and your shoulders broader. Instead, try lifting your arms out to the sides to give the make them appear sleek. To avoid the much-hated double chin, elongate your neck by moving your head forward and lift up your chin up slightly.

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