Hotel Au Coin du Feu Morzine

Whilst working in the French Alps, Sofia Tavares found m ore than just fun in the snow – she also met her Mr Right’, Guido Pijper.

The couple now live in Rotterdam, Holland, where Guido is a professional photographer. However it was no surprise that the couple returned to the scenic mountains to say: “I do”

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The mama-san asked the players more specifically as to the type of girl wanted. Brothels in Singapore were generally acknowledged to be the best. The country and its citizens continually boasted of the success of its multi-cultural society, long before ‘multi-cultural’ became a buzz-word in the Western world. The Singapore brothels proudly shared this totem, and as such, always had a good range of girls: two or three sorts of Chinese; Malays; Indians; a Tamil; and a couple of Eurasians. The mama-san then ordered the beauty parade. Although she might have nodded wisely when someone expressed a preference for a small Chinese or an experienced Indian or whatever else had been asked for, she still brought out a diverse stable to choose from. The girls would come into the room and stand in a line – smiling, posing, tilting their heads, and doing their damnedest. This was always the part that I found so palpably sad: it was heart-cracking to see them all standing there. I wanted to throw all my money at them and run. They stood in their plain, everyday clothes, nothing particularly exciting or revealing: simple dresses, perhaps jeans and a top, bare feet or plastic sandals.

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