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You cannot tweet, Instagram or Facebook this – live in the moment and pack those gadgets away.

Hotel Grace Santorini in Greece has a three day Digital Detox Retreat package open to a maximum of four guests at a time, at the brand’s premier luxury suite The Villa. The place encourages guests to switch off from the outside world and all devices, and recharge their mind, body and soul without any distractions. Located above the world famous Caldera, a volcanic crater, it presents a panoramic view of the island and an opportunity to witness the beautiful sunset every evening. On offer are daily guided meditation sessions, sunbathing, yoga classes and massages; lodgers are also provided with a selection of books on relaxation and spirituality, and an easel with a sketch pad and water colours if they wish to doodle. Breakfast and lunch are prepared by a private chef from a healthy Mediterranean menu (think fresh fruits, smoothies and mushroom soup). The 1,300 sq ft property has two bedrooms, a private spa with steam bath, heated plunge pool and treatment room, a kitchen with a chef on request and a personal concierge. Aditi Sharma Maheshwari


From Top The boutique accommodation has self-sufficient suites with a private heated swimming pool. The area is complemented with comfortable outdoor seating in white, interspersed with greenery; Daily meditation and yoga classes take place on the expansive double level terrace, located in a prime position where guests can enjoy viewing the sunset every evening

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