How can we revitalize our sex life pregnancy?

How can we revitalize our sex life pregnancy?

Try to let go of your conscious mind: that it is the right time and you must have sex today to get pregnant. Stop worrying about things such as whether you are having sex in the right position or whether too much sperm has just leaked out. Just enjoy the sensation of having sex.

Have sex when it feels best for you. If you are exhausted last thing at night, either go to bed earlier or have sex at other times of day.

Try to recreate situations that used to get you in the mood for sex. These might include surprise candle-lit dinners at home or having a long, relaxing bath together.

Everyday routine can be a passion-killer, so aim to bring in an element of change. A weekend break or even an overnight stay in a nearby hotel can revive your relationship and enable you to rediscover what you were like as a couple before you started trying for a baby.

Be sensitive to each other’s feelings when you have conversations about sex.

Think about creating situations that get you in the mood for sex: when was the last time you had a bath together, for example pregnancy?

Notice and comment on the things you do for each other and enjoy about each other, rather than dwell on disappointments and negative aspects.

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