How do you make up in hot weather?

How do you make up in hot weather?

Get a headlamp in light, dark and midtones. It is not necessary to have the same shades of color, though. The delicacy here is knowing what tone will lead to an effect.

The lightest tone opens the eye area: crawl up to the eyelash line. Mid tone, draws the contour of the eyelid curvature. The darkest tone also emphasizes the eyes: Apply a small, angled brush to the outer edges of the eye near the eyelash line.

We put the darkest foliage aside and focus on the cuffs instead of here, and after driving a mascot coat and powdering the eyelashes, we pushed one more time to reach a more accented 70’s look.

Surround the cheeks. Apply foundation and a very light powder on top, and surround the cheek pits with a large brush. Broadcast carefully.

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Use a rinse in the middle of the lips, and spread it out of the top and out of the lip line. If you use the shiner directly with the tube, start from the middle of the mouth and move to the edges.

Most natural toners easily mix; the more natural the appearance will be, the more natural the application will be. Intensify the tone you use for a more accented evening makeup.

A natural blush will give you a healthy glow instead of reshaping your cheekbones.

Makeup offers you unlimited possibilities. You can be a diva within a minute, then your neighbor’s daughter You do not have to apply the words of fashion and beauty magazines literally; they are only there to give you a gift, to rediscover yourself by trying. You will look beautiful and you will feel beautiful
Try to find a makeup style. Choose colors that will make you look beautiful and make-up techniques that look soft, natural.

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