How is diagnosis made pregnancy?

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How is diagnosis made pregnancy?

A practitioner asks questions about your lifestyle and uses a number of physical checks to diagnose where an imbalance might lie. If you have a fertility problem, he or she will consider the following:

The appearance of your tongue. This is an important diagnostic tool. Each area of your tongue represents a different part of the body. I observe the colour of the tongue and I look for coating and the presence of any cracks.

The sound of your voice.

Your skin tone.

Your body odour.

The warmth of your abdomen relative to the rest of your body. For example, I find that many women with fertility problems have a cold abdomen. Yet, if your qi is flowing properly, it should be as warm as the rest of your body. According to the Chinese, the abdomen needs to be warm in order for a baby to grow inside it.

Your pulse. Pulse diagnosis will be made by checking six positions on the wrist, each one relating to specific organs. The quality of your pulse varies throughout your cycle and imbalances can be detected from these changes.

Each area of the tongue represents a different part of the body.

Reading the six distinct pulses forms a crucial part of diagnosis.

Abdominal diagnosis is about temperature, which should be even all over the body.

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