How is summer makeup done?

How is summer makeup done?

No matter how much we are told that we should never burn the sun, many people still believe that no summer accessories will be better than hot, fried skin. As a result, the most sexy beauty trend today is still a glowing and bronze skin Let’s just pretend to be it!

In warm summer months, switch to a light moisturizer. This will give you a fresh, luminous redness and UV protection. If you think you need to equal your skin color, you can start using stalks to cover stains and hide dark circles.

Blush is not essential. However, a piece of tanning cream or powder on top of your cheekbones will give you a healthy color without going out to the sun. Apply the tanning sponge with a short, fluffy brush to the places where the sun will come naturally, the cheekbones, the nose arch and the neck. If you have smooth and dry skin, try using transparent formula tanning or creams and apply them with your fingers or with a sponge.

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Forget the headlights and eye pens, make your lashes your focal point. If you want to make up on your bronze skin, choose colors that will light the face and prevent it from appearing dull. A piece of iridescent or dyed color applied to the center of the eyelid, under the eyebrows and on the inside edges of the eyes will look very good.
Lash curler is an indispensable helper. You must use it to show your lashes abundantly.

To straighten your lashes, look straight at the mirror, carefully place the curler on the bottom of your eyelashes, press firmly and wait for five to ten seconds. Rotate the curler slightly up and out, then repeat the same process in the other eye. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara or you can hurt them.

As the first job on the beach, you should wear your face and sunscreen in your body.

Just like eye fir and blush, the tanning powder also doubles on the foundation. If last year’s powder looks very red, your brush is first soaked in transparent pudran and diluted a little.

A tan from sun is brilliant, not a matte skin, so it would not work if you use a dark foundation.
Dry skin and false tan do not go well together. Periodically peel for a healthier appearance.
To deal with the hot air and humidity of the summer months, go to a non-greasy foundation or a colored moisturizer.

This appearance is easy to reach and you can work with any color fan. However, the coffee and beige tones that we use here are neutral colors, and fashion is never over. They are earthy and soft and adapt to almost anything. Whether you want to create a more effective expression or we want to emphasize a certain aspect, such as what we do with our eyelashes, you will do it all, lighten the tone a bit.

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