How often should we be having sex pregnancy?

How often should we be having sex pregnancy?

Couples who are trying to conceive often fall into the habit of having sex only around the time when they think the woman is fertile. Before long, this becomes an unspoken pattern between them. For a few days every month, they feel it is worth having sex, even though they may have intercourse only a couple of times in that phase. The rest of the month, nothing happens at all because there’s no point. Yet, this is harmful on two counts. First, if you are trying to conceive you need to maximize your chances by having a lot of sex. Secondly, if you are having sex only during a short period of time each month, by the time you have sex again the following month, the sperm waiting to be released are old. As a result, a higher proportion will either be less motile, abnormal (51), or dead. It is better for a man’s fertility if sperm are regularly renewed through ejaculation.

If ejaculation does not happen very often, the chances of conception will be affected.

Given that the egg can only be fertilized in the first 24 hours after ovulation, and sperm can survive for an average of two to three days (potentially longer) in the female reproductive tract, it is important that regular quantities of fresh, active, healthy sperm are present and ready to attempt fertilization. So, ideally, you should be having sex every two or three days throughout your cycle, not just around the time when you think you are fertile.

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