How often should you work out?

I’m Short on Time and Usually Split my Workout İnto Three 20 Minute Bursts Throughout The Day. Will I Get The Same Benefit Compared to Doing One Longer Workout?

A Personally, I prefer one 60-minute session rather than three 20-minute sessions. My reasoning for this has less to do with physiology and more to do with the psychology. In pure physiological terms, some studies suggest that three shorter workouts will be as good, if not better, for the body than one longer one.

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Lolita Corner by Lolita San Miguel, First Generation Teacher

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Certainly if your question was, “Is it preferable to do three 20-minute workouts a week, as opposed to one 60-minute workout a week,” I would opt for the former. It’s important to reinforce the movement patterns and challenge the musculature within 72 hours of a previous session to achieve a training effect. Therefore, one workout a week, even if it’s two hours long, will probably not allow you to achieve your goals. I do recognize that this does depend on what your goals are, but I’m speaking in very general terms.

I’ve always viewed doing a Pilates session as a form of meditation—meditation in motion. It takes time to get into the “zone” and let go of outside distractions. By splitting the session up, it’s usually harder to do that, and you’re less likely to enter that state of deep concentration and focus. In addition, Pilates is intended to be a full-body workout. Although this can certainly still be achieved by splitting the session up, particularly if you’re adhering to a structure like the BASI Block System®, you’re less likely to achieve the balance we strive for.

Still, if it’s a choice between doing three 20-minute sessions a day or nothing, without reservation, I would encourage you to do the three sessions, and I wholeheartedly applaud your dedication.

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