How Protein can Help You Lose Weight

Protein is involved in building and repairing your cells and tissues. Also, adequate protein intake is essential for optimizing hormones and burning body fat. Protein typically consists of many amino acids; one of those amino acids -Phenylalanine triggers hormones that reduce hunger and stimulates weight loss. Even a single dose of Phenylalanine could decrease regular food intake, increase a level of appetite suppression hormone GLP-1, and diminish the level of the appetite-stimulating Ghrelin.

That’s why Atkins diet, Paleolithic diet, and others protein-rich diet plans could be useful in providing weight loss effect by making you feel full for longer period. Just adding more proteins to your menu can help you to reduce weight even without a complete nutritional revision. Our bodies cannot store protein, so you need some of it every day.

Proteins can be found in animals or plants. Yep, plants like soy, nuts, and seeds are rich in protein. Optimal protein intake is based on two factors: natural state and balanced intake.

Natural state means hormone-free, free-range, and organic products which have a better nutritional ratio and fewer detrimental factors. These sources are preferred forms of protein over powder and snack bar.

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