How should hair care at home be?

How should hair care at home be?

Apologizing, we start with hair. I start by apologizing because the time spent on hair care is incredible.

Sometimes I think that you are not interested in hair, just death.

Tell the truth. Are not you tired of your hair? Have you ever been washed away and left untreated? I know people who wash their hair every day and I do not understand. Your hair needs so much to wash every day, and every time black trousers are worn, they need to be sent to dry cleaning. But nobody listens to me. Some of my friends are just washing their hair and drying it for an hour each day.

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It’s a mystery how they can find time to live. I mean, we’re talking about 365 hours a year. Nine business days! Maybe it meant something young. The hours we spent to look good were related to a certain proportion of the hours we spent having sex (the main reason for the hours we already spend to beautify). But now, as we get older, who are we fooling?

Have you tried to buy shampoo on these last orders? I will say, good luck to you. Good luck to find a bottle of shampoo on it. There are shampoos for dry but oily hair, shampoos for fine but fine hair; in the meantime there are hair creams, straighteners and volume lyers. How worn should your hair be worn to get into the “worn” class? Why are there separate shampoos for blondes? Are blond shampoos better than ours? Completely dizzying, shelf shelf product, no one can do a single job.

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