How To Actually Get Thicker, Healthier Hair

Decide what your hair needs.

If You’re working on breakage, smoothing or shedding, and not just moisture, overnight treatments are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Applying treatment and leaving it in overnight gives your strands the time they need to repair damage. If Your main goal is to increase moisture, on the other hand, baggying – applying leave-in or conditioner on wet, freshly washed and conditioned hair, then covering with a plastic bag or cap – might help.

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Baggying is an intensive hydration technique which keeps your hair wet for extended periods – hours or even days -to ‘teach’ it to retain moisture. Instead of leaving it in for days, baggy your hair for an hour or less to encourage hydration to penetrate deep into your strands. Leaving hair this wet overnight can lead to some issues like hygral fatigue and weak, breaking strands. That’s why overnight conditioning should always be done on dry hair.

Hair swells when it’s wet and  if you leave it too wet for too long (like say, eighty hours of shut-eye) you could start to experience hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue is when water stays in your hair so long or goes in and out so quickly that it starts to stretch your hair fibres to the point of no return. Think of an elastic band stretched to just beyond its limit and you’ll get the picture. If You deep condition overnight, it’s best to do so on dry hair – the water from the conditioner is more than enough to moisturise your hair without over-hydrating it. Plus, it’s a lot less messy this way.

To get the full benefits of an overnight deep conditioning session, you have to get the conditioner as deep as possible to all parts of your hair. To do this, you have to section your hair, into small sections – 20 on an average-sized head with average thickness – more for thicker or denser hair. Then, apply your conditioner generously, work it in for a few seconds per section with your fingers: alternating between finger combing and smoothing between your thumb and fingers is great for getting maximum coverage. 

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