How to apply blush?

How to apply blush?

Bronzing powder. In the summer months, it can hold your hand. Appearance can also be applied to the cheekbones as much as the hair is on the base, the bur and the jaw to give a healthy tan.

Many of the well-used blushes are now available in gel and cream form. Whether it’s a blush or a fascinating effect, it’s a natural effect, like cold-fried, one thing that should not be missed: The color on your cheeks should be like a piece of your skin, not a stain on it.

Who can live without ally? The hardest part of the job is choosing the right formula. If you are using a facial powder then you should use a blush of dust; prefer cream on the foundation.

Try the gel on a bare, moistened skin.

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Although plenty of colors make selection difficult, rose pink and peach are suitable for most women.

These tones highlight the natural color of the skin and will forgive your mistakes if you are unfamiliar with using a blush brush. Do not break your courage from the shines which are so bright in their enclosures; you can get an elegant look with a single light on the cheekbones.

The purpose of your skin is to give your face color, not to reshape it! Today, makeup means to be honest with yourself. So you should exaggerate the most beautiful ones in order to miss your weakest spots when you are wearing makeup.

When applied correctly, blush gives a healthy pink. He creates a tired face in the middle of the night and creates pranksome cheekbones.

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