How To Apply Blush

The brush that comes with most blush compacts should be discarded. It’s too skinny to allow an even sweep of color. Instead, use a separate blush brush that is full and tapered at the sides. (See chapter 9.)

There are two key phrases I use over and over when I talk about blush: apple of cheek: area of the face where you should be applying your blush. To find your cheek’s apple, smile in an exaggerated way; the fleshy, lifted part of your cheek is the most natural place to put blush.

pop of color: a second coat of a brighter blush.

Use your blush brush both to apply and to blend your powder blush. (This is one instance when you should not use your hands to apply makeup; you risk removing most of the powder you’ve applied.) Dip brush into powder blush; blow off excess before you start. Apply blush first to the apple of your cheek. Blend up and back toward your hairline, but also blend down, away from your cheekbone for a more natural look.

If you have very high cheekbones, focus blush on the center of your face, closer to your nose. Conversely, if your face is wide or full, concentrate blush closer to your hairline, away from the center of your face.

Using shades that are too bright, too dark, or too pale.

Blush applied in a horizontal stripe across the cheeks.

Blush that clashes with lips, like bronze-toned blush worn with red lips.

Blush that is too shimmery or frosted.

Dual-finish blushes (i.e., cream/powder formulas); they can be quite heavy and create a lumpy texture on the face.

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