How to Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to blend in fine hair extensions with thick coarse hair this is good for those who just received a set of hair extensions for Christmas and for those who are just curious how it works keep on reading to see how it’s done first off Spray key protected all over your hair. Because we will be using hot tools brush your hair to distribute the product and give it a few minutes to dry just the note my models hair isn’t damaged it’s actually coarse. So there is the difference for the first part you want to divide your hair at the middle of your ears and then pin it up with a butterfly clip the part should be one inch or less from the bottom of your hair line now this part is very important especially, if you have hair like hers you want to get your favorite flat iron and as you’re ironing your hair just slip the ends inward this way the end of your real hair won’t be sticking out of the hair extensions.

How to Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions Photo Gallery

So the hair extensions. I’m using look like this, they are actually clip in extensions which you can push in and out to clip onto your hair at the bottom. I’m going to use the 6 inch weft align it where the part is and then wiggle it in and push now, if you have been here you might want to tease this area before applying the hair extensions that way the clip will have a nice grip on the hair and it won’t slide down throughout the day I didn’t tease my models hair. Because it’s very coarse and the teeth of the clip actually grip a lot of the hair. So it’s very secure alright. So now release some more hair down and create another part that’s about 1 centimeter above the last part strain this layer of hair without interfering with the bottom layer of extensions grab another six inch weft and apply this as close to the part as possible I like to start in the middle and work my way out for the third part divide the hair above the ears then you want to continue and do the same thing you’ve been doing earlier just straighten your hair then you’re going to grab the widest piece which is eight inches and you’re going to apply this right from ear to ear now, if you don’t have much hair to work with and you can stop here but. Because she has a ton of hair left on top.

I’m going to apply another large 8 inch wet. So that the hair extensions can blend in more naturally. So this is the last web that we will be applying to the back of the head and as you can see it isn’t really high you want to just below the crown of your head this way you are left with a good amount of hair to cover the hair extensions strain the rest of your hair and make sure that everything is well blended to even up the hair length at the front you want to apply a three-inch wave right on the side then apply to one-inch webs around the same area. Because the extensions are 100% remy hair you can strain them together with your natural hair here are the results in this post my model is 1 18 inch extensions in the off black color surprisingly I didn’t trim or layer these extensions and they look very natural anyways I hope you found this useful for whichever hair extensions you choose to invest in comment for more hair tips bye.

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