How to Be a Better Kisser

Take it slow! There should be no rush when it comes to kissing. If you take it slowly, you will look as though you know what you are doing. Besides, it’s supposed to be fun and sensual. Considering this, why would you want to rush it? Kissing is about passion, about feeling and emotion, and it is supposed to be fun. Take the time, savour the experience and enjoy it.

Now, you may laugh at this, but practicing on the back of your hand or with a pillow is actually going to help you become a better kisser. Imagine if you tried to kiss someone for the first time following my instructions step-by-step. It wouldn’t be like a natural kiss, because you’ll be so tense from concentrating on what to do that you won’t let it flow. If you practice, the movements will start to come naturally to you, and this will also make you a lot less nervous.

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Do change your technique sometimes for a bit of variety, so it surprises your partner. You don’t want kissing to become a routine. Variety is the spice of life. If kissing is exciting for your partner, they will want to kiss you more often to see what kind of surprise you have in store for them. Don’t change it too often, though; otherwise, they will just expect it and it won’t be that intriguing to them anymore! After their initial surprise, let them get used to the kiss and enjoy it. If you change too quickly, it might cut off the other kiss just as they were getting into it. It may also appear sloppy to them if you are changing technique every couple of minutes like you aren’t quite sure how to do it. Changing your technique also shows your kissing partner that you are putting some thought into it, showing that you really enjoy kissing them.

Trust me, you will become better at kissing with bit of practice! The first time you got on a bike, it is likely you weren’t all that good. But with a little perseverance, you improved. It’s the same with kissing. You will start to get a natural feel for other people’s lips, and it won’t be long till you can go with the flow.

A kiss is also about the body. If you are standing away from a person and the only thing that is touching is your lips, then this isn’t a very personal kiss. You have to feel it with your whole body. Hold them or touch them so they feel closer to you. Touch their face, rub their back, and hold their hand, anything that can make the kiss feel more intimate.

In between kisses, say little sweet things to let the other person know you are into them. This makes them happy and gives them something to think about while they are kissing you. It will make them feel special because it shows you are still thinking about them when you are kissing them. It will break the silence a little as well. There is nothing worse than kissing someone for a while and everything else around you seems so quiet that it can start to make you both a little nervous. If you don’t feel up to making small talk, try putting on a little music in the background. You will be amazed at how music can set the scene.

Have some movement in the kiss. Don’t leave the kissing to the lips only. This gets a little boring if there is no variety, so don’t be scared to spice it up a little. Move from the mouth and plant little butterfly kisses on their face and move down to the neck and kiss there for a little bit. The neck is a very sensitive area so can give off quite a tingly sensation.

Pay attention to your partner’s response to different kisses. If they make ‘mmm’ sounds or really get into a kiss, make a mental note to try this more often. If they really enjoy something and you do it often, I don’t think there

will be many times where you get turned down for a kiss! It also shows that you are paying attention to them and what they like. Also pay attention to what kind of kisses they don’t really enjoy. Warning signs are when they pull away and stop kissing you or direct you towards a different kiss. Don’t kiss like this too often.

Think less, relax more, and go with the flow. If you aren’t relaxed, your entire body and kiss will be tense. It will be like your kiss is practiced and routine rather than natural. Relax your mind and enjoy the kiss, then your body will be able to act naturally.

Kiss from the heart. The other person will be able to feel this. A kiss from the heart has true feeling behind it and is like no other practiced kiss. When you go with your senses, you will add in little things that feel right and that you otherwise may not have tried.

When you are watching movies, start taking conscious notes of what they do. Although they may look cheesy at the time, if you try it on your partner I guarantee a good reaction. If you are able to recreate a little of the passion that is evident in movies, it shows that you do have some romance in you.

Focus on the person you are kissing, not on other things around you or anything that is going to happen after the kiss. Live in the moment; otherwise, it is going to be obvious you aren’t there in the kiss. There will be no passion or feelings in it. A kiss is supposed to be a deeply intimate moment, so don’t spoil it by thinking too far ahead. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

Tease your partner a little. Go in for the kiss then pull away slowly. Do this a few times then go in for a great big kiss. When you start off, they will be dying for you to kiss them properly, but they will be left in anticipation. Once you do kiss your partner, they will be so excited by your teasing that the kiss will be a passionate kiss that will leave them wanting more.

Experiment a little bit with different kinds of kisses. There are the faster kisses where you add a little more pressure; these kinds of kisses tend to be a little more passionate. Slower softer kisses are a little more romantic. Just play around and come up with your own styles that you both enjoy

When you are kissing your partner, pull back a little and trace the outside of their lips with your tongue and breathe a little heavier. This will drive them crazy; it is like your mouth is right there and you are connecting with your tongue but they can’t quite have you just yet. The softness of your tongue against their lips will send chills right down their body. It is fun for you, too, because you can feel the softness of their lips. After this, slowly kiss each lip with an open mouth.

If you feel like the kissing is getting a little boring or your partner is getting bored, introduce a few kissing games. Have a candy or a mint in your mouth and pass it around while you are kissing until it has gone. Once it has gone, you probably would have forgotten all about it and be kissing passionately anyway.

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